Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have compiled a list of questions we often get asked.

What hours can I access my storage unit?

You have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Do you use access cards or keypads for gate entry?

We provide you with one access card for every unit you rent.

Do you rent monthly or on a 4 week cycle?

We rent on a 4 week cycle. If you move in today, your rent is due 4 weeks from today. What this means to you can better budget for your storage rental as it will be due the same time before or after your paycheck.

What charges can I expect at move in?

You will be charged your 4 week rent plus tax, and a refundable security deposit, plus a lock should you choose. There are no other administrative fees.

Why do you charge a security deposit?

The security deposit covers the access card we give you at move in, plus a small amount for unit cleanup when you move out. If the card is returned, the unit is broom swept clean, free of garbage, has not been damaged and you have no outstanding charges on your account, you get your deposit back.

How long do I have to rent?

We have a minimum rental of 4 weeks. After that, your rent renews every 4 weeks until you move out. You are always required to pay the full rental rate at the start of each rental period.

Do you require advance notice prior to moving out?

Yes, we require 2 weeks notice before you move out; this allows us to book a tenant into the space as soon as it becomes available. The first 4 week rental period is never prorated, however in any subsequent period so long as you have provided notice of termination 2 weeks prior to your move out, we will prorate any remaining rent as of your actual move out date or scheduled move out date, whichever is later.

How can I pay for my unit?

Bay Self Storage accepts Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard, American Express, Interac Debit, Interac e-Transfer, cash and cheques. Payment can be made during office hours, we can automatically charge your credit card each 4 week period, you can email your payment to us or you can pay online

Do you provide a lock?

No, you provide your own lock or can purchase one from us. Once you apply your lock you are the only one who has access to your unit. We do not keep a key.

Are my items insured?

Each self storage unit has $5000 insurance coverage included as part of your rent (subject to certain terms and conditions). If you require a higher level of coverage, please contact us.

What is drive up access?

Drive up access means the unit is on the outside of the building, at ground level. You can load and unload your belonings directly from your vehicle, without having to navigate long hallways or elevators.

Do I have any long hallways to navigate?

The furthest distance you will have to travel down a hallway is 35 feet. Most of our units have drive up access.

What is a heated unit?

Our heated units maintain a temperature between 10 and 29 degrees Celcius. This helps to protect your belongings from extreme temperature changes. We do not offer climate controlled units (heating, cooling and humidity control).

What type of doors do you have on your units?

All of our unheated units have roll up doors. Our drive up access heated units have single or double insulated man doors, and the interior heated units have roll up doors.

Do you offer indoor car storage?

If your vehicle will fit through a 6 ft 6 inch high door, 8 ft 8 inches wide, you can store your vehicle in one of our unheated storage units. We do not offer heated storage for vehicles.